zamels australia review

The Zamels Australia range is popular with their balsamic vinegar and olive oil flavours. With all of the exotic tastes, it’s hard to believe that they are actually made in Australia!

This Zamels (Aussie) review will look at four categories: price, taste, texture and packaging. It may seem like an odd thing to compare these products against each other but when you find out what land has to do with your food, it makes sense – after all, there are variations in soil composition throughout the world just as there are differences in taste between different people.

For example, if you have ever tried a bottle of filtered water versus one that hasn’t been filtered then you’ll know that these two aren’t interchangeable even though they both appear to be water and could both theoretically come from the same source.

Price: Most of these bottles range between $6 and $10 but can go up to almost $20 for a large 650ml bottle (that’s 21 servings). If you like the taste better than the branded versions at your local store then there’s not much reason to spend more money on them. That said, if you want an authentic balsamic vinegar or olive oil colured drink then you probably should invest in one of those as it will have a slightly different taste coming from a real olive as opposed to something that has been coloured just so it looks good.

Taste: Out of all 4 Zamels Australia flavours this is where they shine – mostly because the rest of the product’s ingredients are at least 95% natural. For instance, there are no preservatives aside from what is naturally occurring in real olives and grape must. There are beneficial minerals that exist in these products too – for example, balsamic vinegar contains manganese, copper and vitamin B1 among others while olive oil contains oleic acid which can help lower cholesterol levels if taken regularly.

Texture: The texture is important because it should be something you either enjoy or don’t enjoy depending on your taste preference. This range has a slightly nutty flavour to them which might take some people by surprise but after trying them once or twice they may grow on you as being part of their distinct taste profile.

Packaging: For some reason Zamels Australia has decided to package their large bottles of oil and balsamic vinegar in plastic which is disappointing because it makes them more difficult to recycle. The upside to this design decision is that the plastic is much lighter weight compared to glass which means you can lift the bottle without straining your hand or arm.

For many people, there are three basic food groups when looking at these drinks: apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. You will notice that when reading through the ingredients list, these products contain only one ingredient in their respective flavour – for example, in order to make apple cider vinegar they combine apple juice concentrate with filtered water which creates a fresh taste every time you open up the bottle.