Jason Cesani and Nadia Husiak are the creative force behind the colourful and mesmerising textile design studio, Printink, based in Collingwood, Melbourne.  With an experimental eye for geometric design and natural colours, this inspiring duo who met while studying at RMIT, offer an eclectic range of hand screen-printed products that are 100% locally designed, sourced and crafted.


For those who don’t know, how would you describe your work?

Tinker by Printink Studio is distinguished by its celebration of colour, nature, imagination, nostalgia and the mesmeric beauty of patterns. Our designs uplift and imbue their environments with lightness, spark and cheer. The bright, bold and distinctive prints prize and preserve the artisan skill of hand drawn designs and the creative adventures involved in hand screen printing our fabrics.  All products are unique and Australian Made.

The colour-fuelled lifestyle range spans homewares, linen tableware, fashion accessories, organic toddler, babywear. We also are planning to launch a small capsule range of women’s fashion.


How did the Tinker by Printink journey begin, what Is your story? Who or what inspired you to begin in your field?

We were both drawn to textile design for various reasons, however there was always a strong passion we both shared – for pattern and surface design. We actually studied together at RMIT in the mid 90s, completing our BA in Textile Design, majoring in screen print. (Jason is now a sessional lecturer at RMIT).

After finishing university, we all had the opportunity at different times to work with Georgia Chapman, formerly of Vixen Australia along with freelance work. It was an inspiring environment to work in, everything we did was hand screen printed. It allowed us to gain incredible knowledge and expertise of different techniques that helped structure our skill set.

Around the same time, there was a resurgence of the ‘handmade’ that was starting to make a comeback. With our confidence and desire to create something that was our own, we took the plunge and started Printink Studio.  Our Tinker label shortly followed a couple of years after and was launched in 2008.  The Tinker label has grown into a lifestyle brand crossing many genres, from homewares to organic kids’ clothing and fashion accessories.  Each product, garment and fabric is printed by us in our studio in Collingwood and we work alongside some amazing talented local makers who also help manufacture some of these products.

#handprintedforyoubyus is incorporated in all our branding and we are strong believers of our hash tag and mantra.


What are your current artistic influences and what inspires you to carry on doing what you’re doing?

With all our ranges, our mantra is to incorporate a variety of geometric designs and work them back alongside florals.  We use a combination of hand drawn elements and motifs to create all-over patterns and then juxtapose them with bold lines and geometric shapes. Colour is a major component and alongside pattern is one of the most important qualities that make up the Tinker brand.


What’s a typical day for Tinker by Printink?

Fortunately, there is not a typical day for us, especially when you introduce a three year old into the business (she is in the studio with us 2 days a week!).  We are the face and sole runners of the business so juggling our time to meet deadlines for our clients and be the creative force behind Tinker is certainly challenging…but we would not have it any other way.   Hand screen printing would be the only thread of ‘typical’ for us that links all the components of our business together.


Which other designers are you looking forward to seeing when you come to Bowerbird, 5-7 May?

Julie White for her colourful and distinctive scarves and products (plus she is local).  Temono, for their beautiful hand crafted leather goods (you can never have too many belts!!), plus we have recently done a collaboration with them.  So we have printed our designs onto leather which they have made into bags, purses etc.  Erin Lighfoot for her beautiful crafted ceramic ware.


What’s your favourite piece of your own work that will be available for at Bowerbird?

With autumn on its way and winter around the corner….. our favourite product that we will have at Bowerbird would be our new silk/wool scarves.  They’re amazingly soft and light, but so super warm and comfy.  Plus with the addition of colourful bold designs printed on them they are a must to accessorise any garment, with the added bonus of staying warm.


What advice would you give other aspiring artists and designers?

Nowadays artists, designers, students and graduates have so many options.  You can be more of a hand made designer and maker, or you can work in many commercial areas that use designers, not just in textiles, but fashion, graphic design and many other areas of this creative environment.

Advice would be to love the freedom that design can give you in terms of its creativity and having an artistic appreciation.


Is there anything else you’d like to share with anyone who is reading this and coming down to Bowerbird?

Looking forward to seeing everyone at there and escaping to Adelaide for the weekend.  Plus if we are organised enough we will be launching a small women’s wear capsule collection which we would love to have with us!!!!