Security Features of NAB Classic Banking Debit Card

Debit cards are plastic cards given by banks to account holders, to ease the process of banking. The NAB Classic Banking debit card is a source of great convenience as it offers security and flexibility. Additionally, it comes stacked with a lot of security features that are free of charge. Debit cards are useful and handy, but in the wrong hands, an account holder could suffer great damage. The following are the security features of NAB Classic Banking debit card.


  • The Use of Visa Zero liability and NAB Defence

NAB defense is a system of checks put in place by the bank to safeguard an account holder’s money against fraud. This feature protects, account holders using the physical card against fraud. The bank investigates suspicious account activity and notifies the account holder immediately. Additionally, it allows the bank to check for high volume transactions and investigate. However, should these security features of NAB Classic Banking debit card fail, the bank guarantees reimbursement of funds wrongfully taken from the individual’s account. Nonetheless, terms and conditions apply.


  • Limited Amount of Money Per Day

Account holders often transact daily to make purchases or receive payments. One of the security features of NAB Classic Banking debit card involves limiting the amount of money a person can transact in a day. If an account holder is illegally forced to withdraw money from their account, there is a limit to which he/she can. The cap on the amount of money transacted daily minimizes the risk of losing large sums of money to theft and fraud.


  • Account Blocking

It is common for people to forget their debit card pin. In such cases, it is easy for the debit cardholder to file for a new one. However, when the account holder misplaces the card, people might illegally try to gain access to the individual’s bank account. If this happens, one of the security features of NAB Classic Banking debit card involves temporarily block the card. This prevents the loss of funds for theft and fraud. NAB will unblock the card once the account holder has made contact with the bank. Afterward, the account holder can resume transacting using the debit card in a safe way.


The security features of NAB Classic Banking debit cards are meant to put to ease the minds of account holders who bank with NAB. Additionally, the NAB visa debit card benefits offer great reliability and convenience to the account holders as they can easily use their cards without fearing cases of fraud. Cl NAB visa debit card benefits click here.