How to get fast internet in Australia?

The Internet business plan has become an indispensable part of most of the Australian population. A big percentage of the total population uses the internet for one reason or the other. With the growing demand for internet services over the past few years, the number of service providers has also increased. At present, there are several internet providers in Australia. However, not all of them are the same. There are differences in the services they offer. One of the most important factors when choosing an internet service is speed. Most of the time, people choose an internet provider by speed. So, most people think about how to get fast internet in Australia. Let us take a look at how we can get high-speed internet service in Aussie land.

Several companies have been conducting speed tests in order to find out the fastest internet in Australia. The results of different companies are different than others due to some factors. According to Business Insider, the fastest internet speed is offered by Telstra. Their speed test was based on Netflix i.e. how long did the videos take to buffer videos. According to their January report, their top speed reached 4.38 Mbps. It is to be noted that this result is for their NBN service only. Their non-NBN service ranked number 4 on the list of fast buffering speed on Netflix standing at 3.83 Mbps being the highest.

The second highest on their list was Optus giving a speed of 4.04 Mbps offering three different types of service – fiber, cable, and DSL. The third one is Exetel that showed the highest speed of 3.99 Mbps while using Netflix.

As you got to know about the services of the three best companies, you should not worry about how to get fast internet in Australia. You may choose one of the options mentioned before so that you can enjoy using fast internet in your home or office.