How to get a home inspection

One of the biggest problems with the construction industry in Australia is that there is no Minimum requirement to become a building inspector, no registration process or national licensing authority. With this in mind, how do you get a home inspection that you can trust? You have to do you due diligence before choosing an inspector, to ensure they are qualified to give you the correct advice and carefull examination of house. Ideally your inspector will be a qualified and experienced construction professional. Who works for a fully insured and licensed building company. The company should be insured for both public and private indemnity. They should have the experience and integrity to operate in a completely impartial manner.


You want to ensure your inspector does not have a vested interest in find a problem that doesn’t exist. Thus ensuring a fair and unbiased data to work from. Look for an inspector who specializes in your particular type of build, if you cannot find one of these, try to find an inspector who works with new builds. Some inspection companies may only specialize in one type of inspection, such as a presale assessment. But once you have found the right company, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your new home is structurally sound and built to the highest quality.


If you want to avoid an expensive surprise in the future, it is always better to see issues, before you are caught for the cost of repair. Here is a list of common problems a qualified inspector should check for: That your roof is correctly tied down and your house is correctly waterproofed. The builder had used proper fixing methods. Your pool should also be inspected for any faults. He or she should check for misaligned wall, floors and ceilings. All of these can prove an expensive fix after the fact.