Forklift Training Services in Melbourne

forklift training services


They provide training that covers the functions required to operate a forklift truck and allows you to apply for a high-risk work license.

They offer the following:


Participants who complete the training course will obtain a Statement of Attainment, which is nationally recognized under the Australian Qualifications Framework.


Course Duration

The course duration is two days. Day 1 is allotted for the theory and practical training, assisted by professional trainers, while the second day is for the assessment.

For those who fail the assessment, you are encouraged to come back in order to be reassessed with no additional charges.


Course Outline

Both Theoretical and hands-on training is provided such as,

Hazard assessment and planning.

Setting and operating forklift equipment

Assessment and implementation of risk and control measures

Maneuvering around various routes

Calculating and determining load capacity

Securing the forklift


forklift training services in Melbourne


They are an experienced workllift license training course provider.

They offer the following:

Licence Options

TLILIC0003 – Class LF – Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck

Class LO – TLILIC0004 – Order Picking Forklift Operator Licence

Course Duration

The course duration is three days for 8 hours, which is recommended for participants with no experience at all and two days for 8 hours for participants who have little knowledge of or experience with forklifts. You may also ask for assistance from their office to provide you with a more suitable course duration depending on your preference and personal skills.

Entry requirements

Participants who wish to apply must be over 18 years of age.

Participants must be able to use the English language to enable good communication between other participants and the trainer.

Participants are required to have good health and fitness to avoid any problems that may affect the training. Any preexisting medical conditions must be disclosed before attending the training.

Participants are expected to have enclosed shoes.

Make the most of your learning with a high quality provider. You can try  forklift training services in Melbourne, If you’ve been thinking about doing the training.