Fertility Acupuncture Near Me

Infertility is a complex condition that affects women and men. Many couples have a range of contributing factors, including age, lifestyle, diet, and hormone levels. Male infertility is, however, considered one of the most common causes. As men age, the chances of them becoming infertile naturally increase.

You probably never have time to worry about how easy it is to get pregnant when it comes to fertility. It is just something that happens, right? Well, that may not always be the case. For some, it takes many tries before they become parents, and for some, it may not happen at all.

If you’re looking to become pregnant (or even if you’re not), acupuncture can be valuable in your fertility toolkit. Perhaps you’ve heard of acupuncture for fertility but don’t quite know how it can help you? Acupuncture for fertility is sometimes used to treat infertility, but it can also be helpful as a complementary treatment, regardless of where you are in your journey to parenthood.

The Fertile Project – Albert Park, Melbourne

While mainly offering osteopathy services, The Fertile Project also offers acupuncture services as well. If you’re considering IVF but don’t want to endure painful injections, consider a program that uses acupuncture. The fertility project in Melbourne offers fertility acupuncture treatment. During the process, the practitioners use the ancient art of acupuncture to stimulate nerves and muscles and help regulate blood flow. This stimulates certain hormones and, in turn, helps the eggs a little quicker.

The Fertility Pod – Hawthorn, Clayton, Carlton, and Brighton East

If you’re looking for a fertility acupuncture near me service in Australia, then Fertility Pod should be your first port of call. The Fertility Pod is Australia’s only fertility acupuncture centre, with clinic locations around the nation, making it a convenient option for people living in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane. The clinic offers a range of fertility treatments, including acupuncture, IUI (in vitro fertilisation), egg freezing, IVF (in vitro fertilisation), IVF with donor sperm, and IVF with donor eggs.

Maidstone Chinese Medicine – Maidstone 

With infertility rates rising by 9% in Australia, couples are turning to more natural options to support their fertility. Fertility acupuncture is one option, and at Maidstone Chinese Medicine, an experienced acupuncturist can look at the imbalances in a woman’s reproductive system and help balance it out. Assisted reproduction treatments like IVF can fail due to blockages and imbalances, making acupuncture a great option for fertility.