Diyblinds Australia Motorised Blinds

You didn’t know you needed motorised blinds installed in your home, because you didn’t know you coSmuld have smart blinds that accommodate you and your schedule. You won’t have to raise them when you wake up or lower them when you go to sleep because they will do it on their own once you’ve scheduled it.


This motorised blinds Australia can be controlled with a smartphone, remote control, or voice control, which also works with voice assistants such as Alexa by Amazon, Google Home, or IFTTT.


Furthermore, you can raise or lower them depending on what you’re doing: if you’re watching a movie with your family or friends, you won’t have to get up and take care of them. Also, their child friendly, as they don’t include chains or cords that could put them in any kind of danger.


Moreover, you can control them when you’re not at home through the smartphone, either because you want to give the feeling that you are there, or because the weather is bad… doesn’t matter why just know you can control them 24/7.


Thankfully, they’re really easy to use, you don’t have to be some kind of tech genius. There are two different types of installations to choose from: battery or wired. The first one is a built-in lithium-ion battery that is fast charging and last for a year. But how will you know when to charge it? Really easy, a LED light lights up when it’s at its minimum. Also, it’s really quiet, ideal for bedrooms. There are two types of batteries you can choose from Somfy Altus 28 -best value- or Somfy Sonesse 30 -best quality-.

The second one is a wired installation. A group of qualifies electricians provided by Diyblinds Australia install them. The blinds don’t need to be changed once they’re installed. As well as the batteries, there are two types of wire to choose from Somfy Altus 40 -best value- or Somfy Sonesse 40 -best quality.


Another perk of this motorised blinds is the fact that you don’t have to worry about the size of your window because they offer a wide range of designed fabric to suit your privacy and insulation needs. Additionally, the Somfy Connexoon Hub -there’s also an app- displays the latest weather data based on your exact location so you can close all your blinds before your house gets hot. Also, you can add Alexa by Amazon, Google Home, and IFTTT -they know how the weather will be like- and the blinds will respond automatically to it.