Best 4×4 wheels in australia

Ford Ranger Raptor is the first one on this list of best 4×4 wheels in Australia. It’s the perfect combination of a factory model and a customized one. One of the features of the Raptor is that it uses a similar 157kW/500Nm 2 Litre bi-turbo diesel that is found both in Ranger XLT and Everest. This is known as one of the high-performance models when it comes to 4×4 wheels that specialize both in low-quality roads and trails. The Ford Ranger Raptor claims to be the top 4×4 wheel in Australia.


Mercedes-Benz X250d Progressive is the next one of this list of best to buy 4×4 wheels in Australia. Being based on Nissan Navara D23, this model basically is an improvement of the Navara. This X-class model also manages challenging drives such as a hill climb. It also happens to have an effective sense of control and a good suspension. It also has stable handling and response.


Mahindra Pik-Up S10 is probably the least expensive 4×4 vehicle on this entire list and also a surprising one. Being that it’s an old school 4×4 wheel model, it may not look promising due to its 2000kg weight. The engine of this Pik-Up is actually the least refined and has impressive performance for its model.


The Ford Everest Trend has a revised suspension by its front and has a safer and secure built. The new engine, compared to that of the previous engine, is also more quiet and smooth, This is the model for you if you’re looking for a family 4×4 model, with features including a max power of 157kW at 3750rpm and transmission of 10-speed automatic.


At the end of the day, these are just some of the top in the list of best 4×4 wheels in Australia, but the top list stills fall on Ford Ranger Raptor.